Scope of Work

Scope of Work

Web Branding Services and Support
General Terms

Last updated August 14, 2017 .

These terms govern your use of the UJAT Digital Marketing and Virtual Agency Office website or our services (collectively, “Services”) and any software that we include as part of the Services, including any applications, Content Files (including images and text, scripts, instruction sets, and any related documentation (collectively “Software”). By using the Services or Software, you agree to these terms. Also, you retain all rights and ownership you have in any content that you provided and make available on the web through the Services. We retain all other rights to applications, Content Files (including images and text, scripts, instruction sets, and any related documentation (collectively “Software”)

All representations, warranties, covenants, conditions and agreements contained in the contract between You, hereinafter the Client and UJAT a registered trademark of itsme!Rocks LLC. hereinafter the Company, and the other related Documents or official communications as same may be modified, renewed, substituted or extended are hereby made a part of this agreement to the same extent and with the same force as if fully set forth herein.


What You Get

  1. The Company will develop your Homecare, Home Healthcare, Hospice care, transportation services, pet caregiver or other similar Agency services as a "digital storefront" , "website" or "online storefront" for you the client. The technology platforms to be used are solely at the discretion of the Company. The goal of this digital storefront is to provide you the client with an online presence and to provide current and prospective customers with vital information about you the client’s business operations.
  2. Work on your Agency digital storefront requires no less than four (4) and can require as much as twelve (12) weeks before completion. Completion is highly dependent on you, the client, to provide content and other information to the Company in a timely manner. The Company is not responsible for delays a result of you, the client, failing to provide information requested from you by Company technical, marketing or other support staff.
  3. You the Client will be provided a link from which you may choose an available TLD or "top level domain" name. Domain names should be short. The Company shall then purchase the said domain for you the Client and this for a period of 12 months. You the Client are responsible for paying all later renewal fees for your TLD.
  4. You, the client will be provided a link to an online web service where you may view sample Agency themes as have been developed for the Company. You will have the opportunity to select a theme and other services. The selected digital storefront will have the number of pages as specified on the Company’s list of available "digital storefronts" or "themes" and as may be offered from time to time by the Company and ordered by you, the Client.
  5. If You the Client purchase a TLD, then to accommodate our technology and services you the Client must agree to the transfer of that TLD to Company hosting services. The Company cannot provide its search engine and social media or other related services if a Client domain is on another hosting service.
  6. After selecting a digital storefront theme you the Client must complete an information form with all the content to be included in your Agency website. You may provide new text or make modifications to the default text provided with the Agency theme you selected. You the Client may accept those default images included as part of the Agency theme you have selected.
  7. You the Client are responsible to provide text, images and other content in the form requested by Company technical support staff members. The Company is not required and will not accept materials from you the Client except in the specifications we have requested.
  8. You the Client must provide a logo with the artist graphic file attached to the form sent to the Company website builders. Logo graphics you provide must be made available to the Company in a compatible technology. This includes providing your Agency Logo as an *.ai | Adobe illustrator file or *.png | portable networks graphics. If you the Client do not have a logo the Company can assist you in securing a graphics artist to design your logo. There is a fee. And fees vary according to your requirements.
  9. You the Client may provide your own images | photos so long as you have proof to right of use or own the copyright. Any images files you the Client provide must be according to the dimensions, file types and sizes as may be required by the theme you have selected. You the Client may accept those default images included as part of the Agency theme you have selected.
  10. The Company will then create your Agency digital storefront from the theme you the Client selected and from (1) the content and images you the client submitted; or (2) the default content using the graphics included in the design of the theme chosen by the client.
  11. This website will work in all Grade-A browsers. It may operate on mobile devices, depending on the theme chosen.
  12. The Company will also provide you the Client with a web hosting and other services identified in for your Order for a Agency digital storefront.
  13. You, the Client, are responsible for renewing or cancelling those services and for paying for your hosting and the services according to a fee schedule as published by the Company.
  14. The Company, at its discretion, may suspend, terminate and delete all content found on any Company hosting service, including emails, If you, the Client, fail to renew and pay for the services in a timely manner.
  15. With this Agreement you the Client acknowledges that there is a FEE for changes to the default appearance of the chosen digital storefront theme. That FEE will be announced from time to time and published at the discretion of the Company.
  16. With this Agreement you the Client acknowledges that there IS A FEE for the addition of any new pages, images, videos or other features not offered in the default digital storefront theme ordered by you the client. That FEE will be announced from time to time and published at the discretion of the Company.
  17. Caluclations of time.
  • The "term of service" starts from the day the service is made available to you the Client, and not from when you, the Client, first begin to use the service. The obligation of the Company is to make the service available to you the client and to execute those task required under the terms of service or product sold. 
  • Time to "Reply" to Client Support Requests is 72 hours during a working week.
  • Time to "Complete Task" properly submitted as a Support Request is 5 working day not including the day the task was submitted

With this Agreement you the Client acknowledges having read and understood the terms and conditions that follow.

How this Agreement Works.


You may only use the Services if you are (a) over 13 years old and (b) allowed by law to enter into a binding contract.


Any personal information you provide to us remains private.


Pages describing the Services are accessible worldwide but this does not mean all Services or service features are available in your country, or that user-generated content available via the Services is legal in your country. We may block access to certain Services (or certain service features or content) in certain countries. It is your responsibility to make sure your use of the Services is legal where you use them. Services are not available in all languages.

Additional Terms

Some Services or Software are also subject to the additional terms below (the “Additional Terms”). Any content that we provide to you (such as Software, SDK, samples, etc.) are licensed, not sold, to you, and may be subject to Additional Terms. New Additional Terms may be added from time to time.


We may modify, update, or discontinue the Services, Software (including any of their portions or features) at any time without liability to you or anyone else. However, we will make reasonable effort to notify you before we make the change. We will also allow you a reasonable time to download your content. The terms of this Agreement expires 30 days after being submitted to Client. If this Agreement expires, the Company may modify the Scope of Work.

Your Content


You retain all rights and ownership of your content. We do not claim any ownership rights to your content.

Licenses to Your Content in Order to Operate the Services

We require certain licenses from you to your content to operate and enable the Services. When you upload content to our Services, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify (so as to better showcase your content, for example), publicly perform, and translate the content as needed in response to user driven actions (such as when you choose to store privately or share your content with others). This license is only for the purpose of operating or improving the Services.

Our Access

We will only access, view, or listen to your content in limited ways. For example, in order to perform the Services, we may need to access, view, or listen to your content to (a) respond to support requests; (b) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, unlawful, or technical issues; and (c) enforce these terms. Our automated systems may analyze your content using techniques such as machine learning. This analysis might occur as the content is sent, received, or when it is stored. From this analysis, we are able to improve the Services

Sharing Your Content

Some Services may provide features that allow you to Share your content with other users or to make it public. “Share” means to email, post, transmit, upload, or otherwise make available (whether to us or other users) through your use of the Services. Other users may use, copy, modify, or re-share your content in many ways. Please consider carefully what you choose to Share or make public as you are entirely responsible for the content that you Share.

Level of Access

We do not monitor or control what others do with your content. You are responsible for determining the limitations that are placed on your content and for applying the appropriate level of access to your content. If you do not choose the access level to apply to your content, the system may default to its most permissive setting. It’s your responsibility to let other users know how your content may be shared and adjust the setting related to accessing or sharing of your content.


The Services may allow you to comment on content. Comments are not anonymous, and may be viewed by other users. Your comments may be deleted by you, other users, or us.

Termination of License

You may revoke this license to your content and terminate our rights at any time by removing your content from the Service. However, some copies of your content may be retained as part of our routine backups.

Also see Terms and Conditions